Fixing Furry Friends 

The purpose of this organization is the prevention of cruelty, the relief of suffering among animals, and the extension of humane education.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to help stop the killing of unwanted cats and dogs in Mason County by offering a certificate program to the community for spaying/neutering their pets.

Services Provided: We provide a spay/neuter certificate to pet owners in the community, which offsets some of the cost of the surgical procedures. We do not have any restrictions as to who we help. The certificate is taken to the veterinarian of their choice at the time of surgery. When the procedure is completed the veterinarian then sends the bill to Fixing Furry Friends, which we then issue a check to them for the amount of the certificate.

We also provide educational material in the form of brochures.

Those Who Benefit: Everyone in the community who chooses to own a pet can benefit from our program. With this incentive of offsetting some of the cost of the surgical procedure, many have chosen to spay/neuter their pets. When this procedure is finished it makes for a calmer, healthier, and happier pet for the owner. By spaying/neutering, the owner has less worry about placing and feeding unwanted puppies and kittens. There are fewer cats and dogs roaming the countryside and neighborhoods being a nuisance.

Animals benefit more than anyone else does from this program. According to the American Humane Society (AHS) without spaying/neutering, one female dog and her offspring, in six years, can produce 67,000 puppies. In seven years, 1 female cat and her young can produce 420,000 cats. One unaltered male cat can father over 100 litters per year. The AHS states that 70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the USA. Obviously, there will not be enough homes. They go on to say that more than 15 million healthy, friendly dogs and cats will be killed every year.  These unwanted animals suffer needlessly from the lack of homes.  Some of the ways they suffer are: waiting alone to die in cages at animal controls, cats and dogs are used in painful medical laboratory testing and they are used as bait to train fighting dogs. Homeless cats and dogs suffer from starvation, abuse and will be destroyed by humans or other animals.

By spaying/neutering animals we are trying to eliminate the suffering and abuse shown in the previous paragraph to cats and dogs and their unborn generations. With spaying/neutering, an animal’s life also becomes healthier. Health problems of the reproductive organs are eliminated in females and prostate problems and tumors are stopped in males. The life expectancy of cats and dogs is lengthened by this procedure.