• Organization Information: Our main goal of this organization is to provide pet owners help with some of the cost of having their dogs and cats spayed or neutered – to prevent pet overpopulation. Our main objective is to stop the killing and suffering of unwanted cats and dogs – by reducing the number of unwanted litters.
  • Organization’s History:  “Our Wish” was formed to stop the suffering of the unwanted cats and dogs in our community.  We saw an urgent need that had to be filled.  This was in a direct response to the growing need in our area.  We began a certificate program that would help with the cost of spaying and neutering. By organizing and getting our 501 c3 and tax-exempt status, it allowed us to raise money for this purpose.  Since March 2001 we have had yard sales, cookie dough sales, bake sales, tag days, pool tournaments, and raffles.  We also have money boxes in local businesses and other donations.  We began in March of 2001 with receiving our non-profit status from the state of Michigan.  Then applying and receiving our 501(c) (3) on January 28, 2002 “Our Wish” operates solely with volunteers who receive no reimbursements for their efforts.
  • People Served by Our Program: Our program serves everyone in the community.  The pet owner who has received our certificates and the community at large because there are less unwanted cats and dogs in the area, which means less euthanasia at the Animal Control and less animal complaints from residents
  • Measurements We Use: We have issued over 7500 certificates as of August 2014.  We keep records of all calls received and answered and all certificates issued.
  • We have helped reduce the euthanasia rate by 60% of stray and impounded dogs and cats at the Animal Control since 2001.  These statistics are verifiable by the reports submitted to the County Administrator by Animal Control for the last 12 years. These \numbers show that we are making a difference in the unwanted and homeless animals in Mason County.
  • Examples Of Success Stories: Every cat or dog that has been spayed/neutered is a success story.  The unborn will not suffer needlessly due to lack of homes and being unwanted.
  • Volunteer And Financial Support from Our Community: Volunteers help us with fundraisers such as bake sales, garage sales and craft shows.  We have received help from the Chamber of Commerce of Scottville and business in the area allowing us the space and facilities to hold fundraisers.  We also receive donations from individuals.  All the veterinarians in 5 counties recognize our certificate program and applaud the needed service we are providing to the community. We are also informing  the community of our services and the benefits of spaying/neutering dogs and cats.
  • Main Source Of Funding: Our main source of funding this past year has been fundraisers and donations from the public.  Also, we have been applying for and receiving grants from Great Lakes Energy – People’s Fund and from the Mason County Community Foundation
  • Future Goals:  We reserve the right to expand our programs and areas served.  This may include help with the cost of preventative measures (such as the cost of vaccinations, educational information to pet owners, or other programs as the need arises) to ensure the health of all dogs and cats.





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       Phone: (231) 757-9219

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